• How can I pay for my online purchases?

>>> You can pay by PayPal. Or you can pay by your credit card through PayPal.

  • How do I know if my order has been successfully placed? 

>>> You will receive an Order Confirmation email from Clickmylife.com after you have successfully placed your order, containing order detail information. It will be sent to the email address you have provided.

Please print and retain your records. If you did not receive a confirmation email for any reason, please contact us at info@clickmylife.com.

  • What can I do if I received the wrong product or a defective product?

>>> If your online order contains a product that has a material or manufacturing flaw, we will confirm whether there are some problems in delivery or the product has a quality problem.

Please contact us and we will pick up the product for inspection and better assistance.

  • About Customs Duty

>>> All international orders are subjected to duties, taxes, and fees as determined by their local government. For any detailed information about duty and fees that are associated with the shipment, please contact the local government.

  • Does your company do OEM special orders?

    >>> We can manufacture special OEM orders for you in your desired style & color. This would be considered a special order and could take about one month for delivery. So if you are ordering it for a special occasion, please take the delivery time into consideration. For more details, you can email us.

  • Can I change or edit my order once it has been placed?

>>> We are sorry to inform you that you cannot change or edit the order information (includes billing and shipping details, changing items, combining orders or adding items to the existing order) once it has been placed. If you insist on changing or canceling your order, please contact our staff in three days after you placed the order.

  • Do you ship to my address?

>>> Normally, we ship worldwide. But you could tell us your address. We will check and confirm it for you before shipping.