Hi, I am a local Chinese, born in 1992, and have been a Sourcing Agent in China for over 5 years. While in my career, working as an employee for my boss, I dreamed of owning my own store, being Self-employed to provide high-quality products all over the world.


Connecting China Suppliers with People All Over The World ", It's the first idea which came into my mind when I was planning to have this Store.


An Online shopping store that brings your favorite products to your home door only with a click. This Store is specialized in Jewelry, House & Gardens, Fitness, Outdoor activities, Phone accessories, and Fashion...


Instead of shopping from retailers domestic, you reach your Products directly from Manufacturers in China. All our products are high-quality ones and made with very professional staff using the best materials to ensure your satisfaction.

Be happy to shop at our store, remember to submit your sourcing request, if you need our sourcing service to support your business online or offline.


For any inquiries and question, you can contact us on info@clickmylife.com  


" Good Life Starts with A Click | Clickmylife "

- 美好生活始于点击 | Clickmylife.com