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5 Best China Jewelry Market for Finding Wholesale Jewelry

Want to import jewelry from China, but do not know where to find China jewelry market for jewelry wholesale?


For this question, I suggest that you should first search for some areas in which China's major jewelry processing companies are located.


In general, Guangdong, Shandong, Shanghai, Fujian, and Zhejiang are the most concentrated places for jewelry processing enterprises. Among them, Yiwu, Qingdao, and Guangzhou are the main processing centers for jewelry.


Since there are many jewelry factories located in these cities, these cities have developed a number of well-known jewelry wholesale markets. They are



Now we should have a look at their respective characteristics. Let's go!

Yiwu International Wholesale Market

Location: Yiwu International Wholesale Market, District A-E, 2nd Floor

Category: Headwear, Earrings, Necklace, Rings, Bracelet, Pendants


In the Jewelry Area of Yiwu International Wholesale Market, you can feel as if you are attending an exhibition. In the A-E area on the 2nd floor, there are about 3,000 jewelry suppliers, supplying all the accessories needed for life.

Yiwu International Wholesale Market Jewelry Area

 Yiwu International Wholesale Market Jewelry Area

Once you go to Yiwu International Wholesale Market, you will find that the shops here have a unified plan. You can clearly find the exact area you want to go on the map.


Since the shops here are like the booths at the exhibition, you can clearly know what products are mainly supplied when you pass through the stalls. When you have products that you want to purchase, you can go into their shops and talk with suppliers. Usually, they will have a variety of samples displayed in the store.


Conveniently, if you find the product you want to purchase in one place, you can easily find similar products in your surrounding shops. This is really a very intimate design for the buyers.


As similar products are brought together, you can compare the quality and price of products between different suppliers and then work with a supplier that you are most satisfied with.

Jewelry Booth in Yiwu International Wholesale Market

Jewelry Booth in Yiwu International Wholesale Market 

Sourcing in Yiwu wholesale jewelry, you will find that the price of jewelry here is the cheapest compared to Qingdao and Guangzhou, but the quality will be worse than Qingdao and Guangzhou as well.

Sino-Korea International Commodities market

This is Qingdao's most famous commodity wholesale market, known as

Yiwu International Wholesale Market in northern China.

Sino-Korea International Commodities market

Sino-Korea International Commodities market

Through the Sino-Korea International Commodities market, people in northern China can easily purchase a variety of small commodities without going to Yiwu or Guangzhou. The small commodities here also include jewelry that everyone loves.


Because Qingdao and South Korea are very close, the design style of the jewelry here is more in line with South Korea. At the same time, you can find many Korean companies here, and the quality of their products is very good.


But many of the suppliers here are middlemen who wholesale jewelry from all over China, a large part of which is directly wholesaled from Yiwu, then sold at the Sino-Korea International Commodities market in Qingdao.

Xijiao Building, AKA South China International Commodity City

Xijiao Building is located in Guangzhou, known as the “Jewel Capital” in China. You can find it at No. 2, Zhanqian Road, Liwan District, Guangzhou. Xijiao Building is very close to Guangzhou Railway Station. From Guangzhou Railway Station, it takes about 6 minutes to get there.


Xijiao Building is mainly engaged in jewelry wholesale, and its products are in the middle and high-end, the quality is very good. So many overseas importers will come here to import jewelry. In fact, 80% of the products in the Xijiao Building are exported all over the world.

Xijiao Building

Jewelry Booth in Xijiao Building

Here you can find the most innovative and closest to the international fashion trends of jewelry design and style. But the MOQ tends to be very high. If you are importing in small quantities, then this is not the Mr. right for you.


It is very likely that you have spent a lot of time finding a quality supplier, but their MOQ will be as high as a mountain, blocking you. This means that you are wasting so much time looking for suppliers.


As the wise man once said, it is important to spend time on valuable things, especially for starters or small batches of importers.

Guangzhou Taikang Plaza

It is also a jewelry wholesale market in China, but the overall quality of the product will be worse than the Xijiao Buildings and the price will be cheaper. So basically the traffic here is the biggest among all Guangzhou jewelry wholesale markets.


This market is mainly aimed at some jewelry distributors and retailers in China. They wholesale jewelry from here and then ship it to the northern cities of China for sale. Therefore, in the design and style of jewelry, it may be more biased towards Chinese style.


I rarely see international jewelry wholesalers here, unless you are based on a Chinese design, and plan to purchase some jewelry with oriental elements. If you sell this niche in your country, I suggest you visit Taikang Plaza.

Liwan Jewelry Wholesale Market

This market is a bit different from the above market. The main products of Liwan Plaza are crystal, jade and sandalwood products, like this. If you want to wholesale crystal & jade jewelry, you can check it out here.

crystal & jade jewelry

 Crystal & Jade Jewelry

In addition, it is also a wholesale market for Chinese crystal and jade raw materials.


Many importers in developing countries will choose to import some raw materials of crystal and jade here, and then transport them to their home country and manually process into various jewelry, and then resell them to local people who need jewelry or export to a developed country.


It is usually the best way to save costs and maximize profits.


In general, importers who come to China running jewelry business will go to above 5 best China jewelry markets for finding wholesale jewelry.


But there are still many things to pay attention to when choosing to go directly to China, such as how to get to China? Is the visa needed? How do you travel to different cities in China? Eating and lodging problems in China?


If you have 0 experience in importing from China and have no experienced friends for consulting, then these problems will make you feel a headache.


But thanks to today's well-developed Internet, you can find these jewelry wholesale suppliers easily online. And I plan to organize the next project, showing you how to find out wholesale jewelry suppliers online through the Internet.


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